Hey, I'm Stefan and I can help you heal yourself

by bringing you back to where you can hear your inner knowledge, to here and now, without fear.




By teaching you how to be aware of and understand your body's signals.


By teaching you how to connect with your emotions through movement.


By healing trauma that is blocking the way to a fulfilled life free of pain.


By showing you methods of changing beliefs that are holding you back.


And by using my ability to listen to all - hidden, repressed, and visible - parts of you.


Healing is a messy process. It is about anger, shame, tears, and touching the whole weight of how lost and alienated we sometimes feel.
Healing is gritty, dirty, down to earth work. It includes the good and the bad parts. It includes smashing stones, screaming obscenities at a river, and enjoying being held in the loving arms of a loving community with an enormous smile that you cannot help but transfer to everybody in your vicinity.
Experiencing all these facettes of yourself, of your humanness, that is being healed.

Ábrete corazón y recuerda
Que para llegar a Dios
Hay que aprender a ser humano

Ábrete corazón by Claudia Stern

We can do a lot of healing ourselves. But for the big problems that we are hiding from ourselves so well that we don't even realize they exist, for that we need help from outside.
But if we can't see them, how would we know they exist? By looking at the repetitive negative patterns that come up in our lives.

I offer an environment, a “training ground” that can hold you while you dive into yourself. I am a reflection, in which you can see the things that you cannot recognize in yourself. I can be the one who gives you permission to be, until you can break the circle of conditioning and give yourself permission.
And I know some powerful techniques that I can teach you to heal yourself.