What can I help you with?


Healing is the most delicate part of my work. It requires empathy, the capability to love compassionately, and to listen closely to what you are telling me.
It is generally a longer process that requires multiple steps and quite a bit of homework.
However, if you have done a big part of the work already and you just need help for a specific step of a specific problem, I am happy to assist you with that.
Under healing I group the following activities:

  • healing Trauma
  • healing chronic emotional pain
  • teaching you stress management techniques
  • sessions of emotional release
  • changing negative patterns of behaviour (including self-destructive behaviour)
  • learning to love yourself
  • getting in contact with your body and emotions if you're disconnected
  • finding out who you really are

massage / healing touch

Massages and healing touch are part of the physical components of my healing practice. The body is one of the gateways to ourselves, and just the physical act of conscious touching can be tremendously healing.
With great tenderness and respect I listen to what your body is telling me and what your needs are.
My massages are deeply relaxing, energizing, or they can be used to access and set in motion dammed up emotions.
I often combine massages with Reiki and chanting.


Reiki is different from the other techniques in that there is nothing to look for, nothing to want, just the energy that flows and deep abandoning to the knowledge that everything will be fine.
During a Reiki session you will be lying down or sitting in a chair, and with a light touch or the hands hovering over your body I will let the Energy do it's work.


I facilitate dance events like Ecstatic Dance, and I teach contemporary dance and movement healing techniques on festivals and in Madrid / Torrelodones.
For more information on these events contact me or follow me on instagram Instagram.


I teach Acroyoga in Torrelodones, Madrid and Barcelona.
For more information contact me, follow me on instagram Instagram or check out my Acroyoga Meetup group for events located in Madrid / Torrelodones.


I am available for facilitating healing / dance / massage workshops.
For bookings contact me here.
Here you can find a list of my workshops.


55€ per session

Massage, Healing Touch, Reiki:
40€ per session

Workshops & classes:
Workshops are individually priced, please see the workshop description.