inner child

The essence of trauma is feeling godforsaken, cut off from the human race.
Trauma is about trying to forget, hiding how scared, enraged, or helpless you are.

Bessel van der Kolk

Let's be outraged! Let's be sad! Let's be scared!
Our bodies have stored all these emotions and impulses of self-defense that we have suppressed. Permitting and living these vital impulses (even in a metaphorical way) permits us to love ourselves, to understand ourselves, and to stop living in fear.
Then we can say: “I defend myself, if necessary with everything I have, because I love myself! And I deserve to live!”

I can guide you in this process of discovering these suppressed terrors, and in the living out of the suppressed responses.

Nuda Veritas by Gustav Klimt

How does this work?

"There's many paths to healing, which one is yours?“
"The base of my technique is very simple: Being profoundly human. Seeing you, understanding you, loving you.
The rest is technical.”

I can assist you in several ways along the path of healing yourself from trauma:
First in teaching you techniques of calming your mind and body down and regain sensation of your body and emotions (through breathing, EFT (tapping), dance, yoga, healing touch, guided meditation, contacting your inner child).

These and other techniques are then be used to expand the amount of emotions you can sustain before going into panic/shutdown.

With this resilience we can go to the next step, turning the gaze inside towards what is troubling, and finding out what needs to be healed.
Here I can help you look at what you don't want to see, the dark and ugly things and the beautiful and loving parts of yourself that you cannot acknowledge.

I can reflect what your inner child is trying to tell you but what you have ignored for so long that you can't hear its voice anymore.
By this round-about technique you can learn to hear again what he/she is trying to tell you.


But the wall came down and there they stood before me
With their stumbling and their mumbling
And their calling out, just like me

What do you hear in these sounds - Dar Williams

A big theme in my work is the physical body, regaining sensation and letting it speak. Our body knows what has happened, and how to heal itself, if we get a little help.

And the second big theme is honesty: Speaking the truth. What we don't hide anymore can be healed.

Sais-tu ce que tu as fait? Ma mère, ma mère
Tu m'as rendu fort avare, ma mère, ma mère
Mes émotions sont en pack, ma mère, ma mère
Et tu les castres sans que tu saches, ma mère, ma mère
À force de rien laisser paraître, ma mère, ma mère
Bah tu les as même mis en cage, ma mère, ma mère
coups de clés bien trop discrètes, ma mère, ma mère

Eddy de Pretto - Mamère