Contact Improv: I need you to find yourself first. I want to be myself. I want to be able to stay myself when we come into contact. Let us not clash into each other and lose the sense of who I am, or who you are. I do not want to become you, nor do I want you to be me. I want to see You, I want to know You I have a delicate dance, and although I have a strong body, you can very easily disturb that balance. Please, be gentle when you come to me. I can support you, but I cannot carry you. You can influence me very strongly, even if we are not in touch.

Partnerdance: When I lead, I need you to offer me your body, so I can be the mind that turns outward to guide the two of us. So that you can have the experience of letting go, so that you can turn inward and feel the two of us. Be our witness. And when I follow, I need you to lead me without hesitation, without fear, so I can listen to and trust my innermost wish of movement, where I will hear your guidance. How do I lead you? I listen intently. How do I follow you? I speak boldly.